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Social Responsibility

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The reason for CJJB's success is because of its customers and the company would like to share its success by helping charities through donations and volunteering.

Here are the two charities that CJJB proudly supports:

Tuloy Foundation is focused on rehabilitation program for street children in Manila. They provide food, clothing, shelter, dental and medical treatment, theraphy and counselling, moral and spiritual formation, educational sponsorship, and many more.
CJJB Firm is proud to support the Tuloy Foundation because of its willingness to provide good future for the children of Manila Philippines. CJJB donates 10% of the sale of travel packages from its customers to Tuloy Foundation.
The 10% donation goes directly to Tuloy Foundation to provide funds for the children's education, dental and medical treatment, and food.
We thank you, our customers for trusting and supporting us by

continuously purchasing our products and services.

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Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC)
(National Blood Service)
Philippine National Red Cross, National Blood Service program is dedicated to providing
       "safe blood to the country through its active role in advocacy,
       promotion of voluntary blood donation, donor retention and care
      and the operation of a network of 72 Blood Service Facilities all
      over the country". (PNRC)
CJJB proudly supports PNRC's National Blood Service program by donating funds to help with the operation of the facilities in the country. CJJB sends out four to five of its employees a year to volunteer for the the program. By doing this, the company help increase awareness for the need of blood through its employees and also its customers. The company provides a lot of information on voluntary blood donation not only in the Philippines but other countries as well. 
CJJB would like to increase awareness on blood donation and encourage people to donate blood or funds to help those people in need of blood. 
Donating blood would make a huge difference in someone's life.   
Visit for more information.